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The Turtle was developed in response to the requirement for an efficient photoperiod light for tanks, ponds and raceways.
This superior quality light source is an entirely self contained floating unit.   It houses a highly effective Metal Halide discharge lamp, together with all the associated control components.
In keeping with Aquabeam's high standards, the lamp starter is safely enclosed within the unit. This avoids the hazzard of transmitting high-voltage ignition pulses along underwater cables and connectors.

Above surface illumination

The Turtle's design makes use of the critical angle optical principal. This minimises the amount of light that escapes by using the water surface as a mirror.

Sub surface illumination
reduces light losses

The position of the discharge lamp relative to the water's surface ensures that a minimum of light passes though the surface to be lost.   This brings the added benefit of easy stock observation.


Power Rating:   150 Watts
Circuit Power:   175 Watts
Color Temp:   4000K
Initial Lumens:   14,200
Supply Voltage:   220-240 VAC
    (50Hz or 60Hz available)
Starting Current:   1.2 Amps
Running Current:   0.8 Amps

  The turtle's float is tough, durable and easy to clean.

It features two mooring rings for easy securing and stabilization.


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