MK40: The World’s Most Accurate GPS Chart Navigator
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MK40: Based on IBM’s new chip technology

Accurate, advanced and user friendly, the MK40 chart navigator offers the latest GPS technology developed by Leica and IBM. The combination of Leica’s GPS receiver architecture and IBM’s advanced SiGe integrated circuit technology has resulted in a GPS receiver with outstanding processing power, sensitivity and accuracy. Even in intense direct sunlight, the MK40’s waterproof color flat- panel screen has a special anti-reflective coating that offers the clearest, brightest picture of any GPS chart navigator on the market.

The Leica MK40 holds up to two C- Map NT vector cartridges, which provide up to date position and movement as well as easy to view informational charts. The chart navigator makes it easy to plot and change routes on screen with point- and- click functions. Itineraries can be uploaded and downloaded to a PC, making it easy to store and re-use hundreds of different navigational plans. Navigational aids, tide charts, port and marine information, can easily be read from anywhere with the MK40’s direct sunlight readable display.

This easy to use display can also be easily customized to display North Up, Heading Up or Course Up orientation. With an accuracy of 3 meters, and a pinpoint precision of 30 inches by adding the Differential GPS antenna, there is no room for mistake.

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