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World's First DGPS/AIS Integrated Navigation System

Leica proudly presents the very first DGPS navigator combining the state-of-the-art Automatic Identification System in one simple unit. The MX420/AIS integrates seamlessly the safety of AIS technology with the conveniences of the MX420/8, already the most advanced DGPS navigator on the market.

The MX420/AIS automatically transmits vital data, including ship identification, cargo information, GPS coordinates, as well as route information like ETA, speed, and rate of turn. The AIS systems relieves Officers of the Watch, radar controllers, and land-based VTS Center Watchmen from once impossibly tasks by transmitting, receiving, and updating vital information automatically, even during inclement weather and poor visibility.

Advantages of the MX420/AIS system include:

  • Either MX420/AIS Basic (just AIS capabilities) or MX420/AIS (includes all regular MX420 navigation functions list DGPS)
  • IMO compliant transponder developed by SAAB Transponder Tech
  • Automatic transmission of IMO number, call sign and name, ship dimensions and type, position
  • Additional information transmitted and received: speed, course over ground, speed over ground, heading, rate of turn, cargo type
  • The unique Self-organizing Time-Division Multiple Access (STDMA) data communications system, ensuring accurate and consistent data exchange among vessels and shore stations
  • Can be easily integrated with shore-based Vessel Traffic System (VTS) and ship’s on-board radar.
  • Clear, sharp display with easy-to-use keypad functions
  • Leica world-class reputation for accuracy and reliability

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