LEICA MX421... The World's Smartest Receiver/Antenna
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Powered by IBM’s leading-edge silicon germanium (SiGe) integrated circuit technology

The smartest receiver/antenna on the market—the Leica MX421 is designed to provide optimum accuracy and reliability for demanding shipboard applications.

The Leica Smart Antenna offers a remarkable 1 to 3 meter precision with IBM’s SiGe Technology, a built in 12 channel GPS receiver, and Leica’s proprietary multipath mitigation technique. The MX421’s optional dual-channel DGPS beacon receiver, achieving 0.8 meter accuracy, is designed to meet all requirements for commercial marine applications.

Made to brave the toughest environments and withstand time, the MX421 provides the best accuracy and reliability in the marketplace.

Other features include;

  • Built- in high precision 12 channel GPS receiver
  • Submeter DGPS accuracy and better than 3 meters in autonomous GPS mode
  • Optional 5Hz update of position (MX421B)
  • Optional 1 PPS output
  • Output of raw data, code and phase (MX421L)
  • Integrated dual channel beacon receiver and unique toroidal H-field beacon antenna design (MX421B)
  • Rugged enclosure to defy harsh conditions
  • Stainless steel threaded insert
  • Flush or pole mount
  • Entirely waterproof

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