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Portable reference station

The MX9250 DGPS Reference Station/Navigator is an easily operated reference station which generates Differential GPS corrections that are used by GPS navigator units to attain high precision navigation. This replacement for the MX9112 series features 12 channels of tracking plus an integrated keyboard and display in a portable weatherproof module.

The operator uses simple menu driven commands to enter a known reference position for the MX9250's antenna. The unit automatically computes differential corrections that are sent out in a standard RTCM-SC-104 format which is compatible with any differential ready GPS receiver.

System operators only need to add data links such as radio/modems between the reference station and navigators to transmit the corrections. The multiple ports and baud rates supported by the MX9250 facilitate connection to any data link.

The MX9250 can improve GPS accuracy's from 60 meters, down to 1-3 meters in areas where publicly supplied DGPS corrections such as Coast Guard beacons are unavailable or unreliable. Selected Leica units, including the MX9250 in navigator mode, can also receive Leica proprietary corrections that offer further improvement to sub meter navigation precision.

Features include;

  • Compatibility with the international RTCM-SC-104 standard for Differential GPS data
  • 12 channel all-in-view tracking of code and carrier.
  • High visibility LCD display and backlit keyboard, all weatherproof.
  • One RS-232 and four NMEA-0183(RS-422) ports
  • Precision choke ring antenna reduces multi-path error sources
  • Self-Survey capability uses navigation position averaging to calculate the reference position when it isn't known
  • Standard 1-3 meter accuracy, and sub meter accuracy with selected Leica navigators.
  • Full MX400 Professional GPS Navigator features built in
  • Output of reference station position (Type 5) sentences and operator entered text messages (Type 16) that can be displayed by GPS navigators receiving corrections
  • Output of raw GPS measurement data accommodates use of post processing programs from Leica or third parties.

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