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Transas simulates ’Sailing in ice environment’

Transas has enhanced functional capabilities of the Navi-Trainer Professional shiphandling simulator with several ice models added to its objects library.   The new models have been specially designed to train for ‘Sailing in ice environment’ and include five different ice parameters, such as Ice field, Broken ice, Brash ice, Pancake ice and Small floe.

Simulation of ice zones is required by the STCW ’95 (Section A-II/2) for the training in such important competences, as voyage planning, navigation, maneuvering and ship handling.

Mathematical models of vessels moving in icy waters are characterized by high level of realism.   The effects, such as hydrodynamic interaction with the ice surface, especially within the ice field; hull friction with the edge of the ice field, and collisions with the ice field, are simulated with high accuracy.   The speed of the vessel entering the ice automatically changes depending on its engine capacity, ice type and thickness.   The thickness offered for each of the ice types differs from 0.1m to 2m.

The newly designed ice models add extensive details to the sailing area model.   Existing visual effects such as the reflection of the sun, moon and coastal lights can be imposed on the simulated ice surface.

The Navi-Trainer Professional full mission bridge simulator from Transas is an effective solution for training mariners.   The simulator contents the entire spectrum of navigational controls to be expected on a bridge, including radar displays, ECDIS, vessel controls and navigational sensor, all of each are built into consoles.   All related visual and sound effects are also incorporated into the simulator to create a realistic, professional simulated environment.




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