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MT-1 UAIS Transponder

Integrated marine and communication technology.

Fully compliant with the SOLAS requirements for Universal Automatic Identification Systems, the MT-1 UAIS Transponder represents the latest achievements in integrated marine and communication technology.

Essential advantages of the MT-1 UAIS Transponder include:

  • Superior quality product from the world's leading suppliers of marine software and electronics
  • Large touch-screen LCD minimum Keyboard display
  • GNSS differental corrections via multiply routes
  • Graphical representation of target ships data
  • Four-mode operation: Autonomous; Continuous; Assigned; Polled
  • Long-range application
  • Telemetry applications for Aids to Navigation, such as lighthouses or buoys
  • Short Message Service
  • Reduction of global VHF traffic
  • Worldwide customer service and support

In combination with the Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS system, MT-1 provides add-on values for its users.   In the Electronic Chart System (ECS) installation the stand-alone installation and an ECS display have been integrated.   This installation will fulfil the SOLAS requirements for an AIS installation.   The minimum display unit will mainly be used for input of own ships information, the ECS will display the received navigational information as AIS targets at the received co-ordinates in the displayed electronic chart.   This of course will greatly enhance the use of the received target information, as the targets now will be displayed in the environment used for navigation of the ship.

Interface with Navi-Sailor 3000 or Navi-Fisher 3000 ECDIS/ECS provides the following capabilities:

  • Display of UAIS targets on the screen
  • Full target information
  • Sending and receiving messages and target information
  • Fast search of targets on name, IMO number, MMSI, and Call sign; highlighting of the selected target on the electronic chart screen


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