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Navi-Radar 3000

PC-based Radar System with Advanced ARPA

The Navi-Radar 3000 is a new generation PC-based Radar System with advanced ARPA and Chart facilities and extended integration capabilities.   Navi-Radar performs such vital functions as scanner control, formation of the radar image for display in combination with an electronic chart; as well as automatic detection, acquisition and tracking of targets, in full compliance with IMO and IEC requirements.

Navi-Radar is of special interest to retrofit and repaired ships, mega yachts, SAR vessels, Coast Guard and patrol boats.

Key benefits of Navi-Radar 3000:

  • PC-based solution with flexible hardware options
  • Intelligent integration with other navigational products from Transas
  • Interfacing to multiple radar scanner types with or without control functions
  • Use of the world's electronic chart collection in Transas TX-97 vector format
  • Performance of radar functions as required by IEC 60936-1
  • Performance of ARPA functions as required by IEC 60872-1

Radar functions, performed in full compliance with EIC 60936-1

  • Video Signal Processing
  • Receipt of a video signal and its digital processing
  • Clutter filtering
  • Receipt of synchronising pulses, information on the antenna turn angle in the form of succession of pulses, as well as in the form of synchro or resolver voltage. Receipt of the bearing pulse, video signal and start pulses in the form of a composite signal is provided.
Display of Radar Information
  • Set of ranges: 0,25; 0,5; 0,75; 1,5; 3; 6; 12; 24; 48 nautical miles
  • Display of radar information in the following orientation modes: North-up display, Course stabilised display, Head-up display
  • Display of radar information in the true and relative motion modes.
  • Display of the targets' true and relative vectors is provided
  • Display of radar information with the centre shifted to up to 2/3 of the screen radius
Display of Auxiliary Information
  • For the range measurements, the radar screen displays fixed range rings
  • Display of two electronic range and bearing lines
  • Display of the adaptive electronic azimuth scale along the edge of the effective screen area
  • Control of the Radar Operation
  • Control of the radar operation is via RS232 or RS485 channel
  • Switching of operation to the transmission mode
  • Control of the outgoing pulse length
  • Control of the receiver tuning
Interfacing with External Systems
  • Input:   Receipt of data from the connected external sensor in the analog form and processing of the messages in accordance with IEC 61162-1 or NMEA 0183 standards
  • Output:   Output of tracked targets parameters in TTM telegram as per NMEA 0183 standard

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