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Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS

A new-generation Electronic Chart System

A new-generation Electronic Chart Display and Information System, the Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS has been issued with a 'Wheelmark'- approval from DNV.

The 3000 ECDIS incorporates the full functionality of the previous version of Transas ECDIS, Navi-Sailor 2400 ECDIS, and in addition to this, features an array of innovative, state-of-the-art features, including radar overlay, integrated weather forecast service, AIS interface, enhanced route planning facilities and extremely convenient user interface.

Navi-Sailor 3000 ECDIS has been designed to meet the requirements of all types of commercial vessels and naval ships wishing to benefit from the advanced modern ECDIS technology.

Advanced capabilities:

  • Use of the world-collection of Transas TX-97 charts
  • Radar Overlay
  • Comprehensive Route Planning
  • Integrated Navtex information
  • Integrated weather information
  • UAIS Interface
  • User-adjustable interface

System features

  • HTML Help Application
  • User configurable GUI
  • Multiunits support (Distance, Speed, Wind, Depths and Heights, Temperature)
  • Screen resolution: 1280x 1024, 1024 x 768
Navigation databases
  • Tides and tidal currents
  • Seasonal currents
  • Weather forecast chart overlay
Chart related features
  • Chart formats
    • Vector ENC (S-52 presentation)
    • vector TX-97
    • raster ARCS
    • raster BSB/NDI
    • raster Seafarer
  • Manual update:
    • "professional" level (colors)
    • user's charts (colors)
  • Chart orientation (North Up, Head Up, Course Up)
  • INFO
  • Chart control: layers control, autoload, autoscale, autoscroll, zoom, chart formats priority (ARCS/ECS)
  • 6 color palettes
  • Multi-chart loading (up to 6)
Navigation tools
  • Alarms:
    • Antigrounding
    • Sensors
    • Route
    • Network
    • Radar/Targets (CPA/TCPA)
    • Chart areas
    • Others
  • Ship's motion data
  • ERBL
  • True/ relative motion
  • Split screen (2 chart panels)
  • MOB
  • Route planning capability:
    • Route checking
    • Work with multiple routes
    • Generating routes in accordance with patterns recommended for search and rescue (SAR routes)
  • Schedule calculation
  • Route monitoring
Logging functions
  • Track, Logbook
  • Targets data
  • Radar overlay
  • Logbook, Route, Screen shots printout
  • Playback
  • Positioning
    • Primary positioning
    • Secondary positioning
    • Display of RMS position error dependent on sensor
  • ARPA interface (Input/ Output)
  • ARPA (2nd ARPA) interface
  • Echo sounder interface
  • Output
    • navigational data
    • autopilot data
    • current course segment
    • transmission
    • Gyrocompass
  • Magnetic compass interface
  • Speed Log
  • Wind interface
  • Drift calculation
  • Temperature
  • Yeoman digitiser

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