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The TX-97 Electronic Charts

A world collection of vector digitised electronic charts

Transas charts

The in-house production of vector electronic charts is one of the many areas of expertise in Transas' company activities.   To-date, the Transas World Collection consists of more than 10,000 charts, all digitised to the highest quality and level of accuracy, produced from paper chart data published by all the major national Hydrographic Offices.   The worldwide coverage achieved by the Transas Chart Collection, secures safe navigation in practically any region across the globe.   The digitizing process fully complies with international quality standards set out by ISO:9001.

Chart Production

The ability to fully record all navigational information contained in original paper charts to create accurate electronic chart copies, is one of the main advantages of the TX-97 technology.   Transas charts in TX-97 format provide navigators worldwide, with the complete set of information they might require during a voyage or for route planning.   An exhaustive supply of point object information, which is provided with the Transas charts, allows the navigator to minimize the time required for decision making while at sea.   A special technology used for digitizing of lighthouse positions, allows their sectors and nominal visibility to be visually highlighted on the electronic chart display.

TX-97 customers

The electronic charts in Transas' proprietary TX-97 format are widely recognized in the international market.   Transas charts have been supplied to many thousands of customers throughout the world, to naval and coast guard fleets of over 30 countries including UK, Sweden, USA, France and Russia to name but a few, as well as hundreds of shipowners including:

  • Maersk Sealand Line
  • Princess Cruise Lines
  • Chevron Shipping
  • Seariver Maritime
  • Stena Line
  • Tor/DFDS Line
  • Holland America Lines
  • Northern Shipping Co
  • and many many others.

Updates and Inovation History

The Chart Production Department was set up at Transas in late 80's.   To achieve this level of quality, only qualified hydrographers and highly professional engineers, all with sufficient seagoing experience, are engaged in the Chart Production processes at Transas.


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