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Navi-Traffic / Vessel Traffic Services

Vessel Traffic Management and Planning Solution

Vessel Traffic Service systems developed by Transas provide:
  • Vessel traffic management and planning
  • Traffic monitoring and environmental protection
  • Off-shore security and coastal surveillance
  • Collision avoidance
  • Shore-based pilotage
  • Coordination of search and rescue operations
  • VTS operator training.

The configuration of the system can include several workstations allowing simultaneous work of a number of operators, a database workstation, record/ playback facility and other modules in the interactive mode.

Available sensors:

  • Radar
  • AIS transponder
  • VHF direction finder
  • Weather and Environmental sensors
  • TV system
  • VHF radio
  • Other VTS
  • Security sensors (CCTV, Harbour Sonar etc)

Sensor data processing

  • Digital radar image generating
  • Clutter suppression (sea, rain, CFAR)
  • Extracting all relevant target echoes as target plots
  • Video and target masking
  • Different sensors data multiplexing and transmitting over digital communication line

More than 20 alarms may be generated in accordance with set thresholds, including:

  • Collision danger
  • Anchor dragging
  • Speed violation
  • Many more

Record and playback

  • All data including raw radar image, radar targets, AIS targets, alarms, VHF radio traffic are stored in digital form.
  • Navigation situation may be played back in the same graphical and alphabetical form as it was represented during real time operating.

Radar target tracking

  • Independent radar processing for target extraction
  • Different tracking algorithms for vessel, buoy and fixed targets
  • Anti-swapping algorithm
  • Automatic or manual acquisition
  • Automatic acquisition zone of any shape
  • Target zones (no tracking, Shadow area, multi-radar tracking zones)
  • Unlimited number of simulated targets
  • Target movement prediction
  • Multi-radar tracking for areas with overlapping radar

AIS target tracking

  • Universal AIS and DSC VTS transponders are available
  • Any number of targets reported by base AIS transponder(s)
  • Several base AIS transponders to cover wide area
  • AIS and radar target fusion

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