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Lamps and Heaters


Deck Light

Watertight and corrosion proof sealed beam lamp.
12 volts at 50 watts, and 24 volts at 80 watts.
Supplied with bracket for horizontal and vertical adjustment.

Street and Area Lighting

Available with High Pressure Sodium, Metal Halide, Mercury or Quartz Iodine light sources.
Operates at 115 or 230 volts.
Lamps ranging from 150 to 500 watts.
Tough, Lightweight and corrosion resistant.

Super Marine Fluorescent Light

Vibration and Impact Resistant.
Advanced design of injection moulded thermoplastic.
Suspension fittings and special mounting hardware available.
Superior durability for tough marine environments.

Nipro Offshore / Marine Heater

Suitable for environments requiring exceptional durability. Available with on/off switch, thermostat and thermal circuit breaker.
Corrosion resistant and splash-proof IP44 design.
220 to 400 volt supply.
300 to 2000 watt heating capacity.


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