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Company Profile


Austin Insulators, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, is a leading manufacturer of Insulators and Transformers used in MF (medium frequency) to VLF (very low frequency) antenna systems.

Located minutes from Toronto's Pearson International Airport, Austin Insulators operates from a modern 22,000 square foot building which is home to its head office, manufacturing and test facilities. The test facility includes a high voltage test room capable of electrical testing at 100 kHz, 1 MHz, and 50 or 60 Hz. The premises also houses all the necessary mechanical test rigs required for proof and destructive testing of products both under compression and tension. A sales office is also located in New Malden, Surrey, England, to service the needs of our European and Middle East customer base.

Austin Insulators employs approximately 25 people and designs, manufactures, and supplies Radio Frequency (RF) insulators to numerous customers around the world. Over 90% of all RF insulator products manufactured in Canada by Austin Insulators are exported.

Major users of our insulator products worldwide include: commercial and government radio broadcast organizations, defence related high power broadcasters, and low frequency radio navigation systems. Our product line is complemented with custom designed products which are engineered and built to the exacting specifications of the customer. This frequently includes replacement insulators for the many old and obsolete products, still in use around the world, originally manufactured by other companies which have since halted production of those parts.

The Austin Insulator customer listing includes many National Broadcast Organizations as diverse as the British Broadcasting Corporation, Turkish Radio and Television, and the Egyptian Radio and Television. Other organizations such as the United States Navy, United States Coast Guard, Royal Air Force, and Voice of America, continue to use our insulators in their high power, low frequency and very low frequency antenna systems.

A Brief History

Our company is the successor to the A.O. Austin Insulator Company of Barberton, Ohio. Through a succession of ownership changes, starting in the late 1960's, Austin Insulators became the Insulator Division of Decca, Racal-Decca, and then Litton Marine. Finally, in 2000, through an employee/management buyout, we are once again proudly independent.

Arthur O. Austin was the founder of the A.O. Austin Insulator Company of Barberton, Ohio. He was a prolific inventor in the early to mid 1900's and at one time is believed to have held 225 different patents for various insulator products. These achievements allowed him to lead the field in North America for the design and manufacture of Radio Frequency Insulators and Tower Lighting Transformers. Many radio engineers will recognize the renowned "Austin Ring Transformer", which was respectfully named after its inventor, A.O. Austin.

Arthur Austin (left) putting new ideas into practice. Circa 1905

In more recent times, the company has re-engineered its product lines using modern materials and design techniques. Today, Austin Insulators offer the most up-to-date product line of insulators, transformers, bushings, and static control devices for RF antennas (MF to VLF) in the world. Customers can now choose from several different product line options to meet their budget and performance requirements.

NOTE: Please be advised that our product catalogue is constantly being updated and all specifications should be confirmed by contacting us.

Austin Insulators Inc. is a proud ISO-9001 company and strives to produce the highest quality products and provide the best customer service.

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