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AP 1500 Autopilot
The Versatile Multipurpose Autopilot


The AP 1500 is a general-purpose, multifunction, microprocessor controlled autopilot. Created with the most modern computer programs to provide the highest fuel economy and low operational demands, the AP 1500 is suitable for application on all classes of ships ranging from small yachts to the largest supertanker.

The very modern design of the control unit includes a tailor-made and clearly laid out transflective liquid crystal display, which permanently indicates all information required by contemporary navigation demands:

  • Current heading (digital)
  • Heading difference ±10° analogue
  • Set heading (course to steer)
  • Rudder angle (analogue ± 35°)
  • Steering mode (AUTO/MAN/NAV)
  • Parameters for:
    • rudder limit
    • yaw
    • rudder
    • counter rudder
    • off course alarm
    • magnetic variation

Changes in parameters and heading settings are carried out by a single analogue cardinal control disk.

Model Variations

In order to meet the many and varying demands made by today’s modern shipbuilding industry, the C. PLATH multi- purpose autopilot AP 1500 is offered in four basic versions. These are:

AP 1500 / G
This version accepts a gyrocompass heading input and is intended for ships with no transmitting magnetic compass system.

AP 1500 / GM
GM denotes that this version features inputs for both gyrocompass and magnetic compass heading information. This is today’s most widely used configuration because the autopilot will operate on the heading information from the magnetic compass should failure of the gyrocompass occur. During the normal operation mode, the headings from both gyrocompass and magnetic compass are processed in the independent course monitor (complies with IMO Res. A.342(XI) integrated in the AP 1500 / GM.

AP 1500 / G-TMC
In addition to the features of the GM version, the G-TMC configuration provides the operator with three permanent and separate outputs of the magnetic compass heading in the format of 6 steps per one degree of azimuth.

In the event of a gyrocompass failure, all major receivers of the gyrocompass heading, such as radar, Satcom, GPS, digital repeaters, etc., can be switched over immediately to the heading of the magnetic compass.

Special Features

AP 1500 / M
The M version of AP 1500 has been conceived for those who do not consider the installation of a complete gyrocompass system to be cost effective, but still require a heading reference for distribution to peripheral equipment, for example heading repeaters, electronic chart systems (ECDIS), radars,GPS and SATCOM. For this purpose, AP 1500 / M provides three separate magnetic compass heading outputs, each in the format of 6 steps per one degree of azimuth. Furthermore, the integrated magnetic compass heading correction table coupled with the magnetic compass variation parametr facility result in an emulated gyrocompass true north heading output. This very versatile autopilot is available with this outstanding and unique feature at very little extra cost.

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