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DTR 600
Digital Tape Repeater

Accuracy is Everything

Moment to moment, the DTR 600 gives an accurate account of the vesselís movement. Itís matrix LED design ensures easy viewing from all directions and heights. Adjustable illumination allows for viewing at full night to daylight bridge conditions.

The DTR 600 is lightweight and can be installed in a wide range of locations. It is the #1 choice for steering repeater and heading display applications.


  • Large Clear Display
  • Simulated Endless Tape
  • Panel Mounting Anywhere
  • Step by Step and Serial Interfaces
  • Self Aligning in Serial Input Mode
  • Shows Increments of Heading in 1/6th Degree Steps

Height: 96mm
Width: 288mm
Max Depth: 220mm
Weight: 1.4kg
Power: 115/230 VAC
RS232 or RS422 $HDT input, or 20-90 VDC Step input
RS232 & RS422 $HDT outputs
Part #1981058
Bulkhead kit: Part #1813545

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