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Universal Digital Repeater
Provides Information on the Spot


The Universal Digital Repeater can work in combination with a wide variety of Litton marine equipment, providing a sharp clear readout of the information you need.

When connected to the appropriate navigational unit, the UDR will display;

  • gyro heading
  • magnetic heading
  • roll
  • pitch
  • rate of turn
  • water / traverse water speed
  • ground / traverse ground speed
  • total / daily miles
  • wind speed / angle
  • rudder angle
  • depth
  • air / water temperature
  • time
  • revolutions per minute

The Universal Digital Repeater is available as a console version and in a watertight housing with mounting bracket attachment.
Type approved (BSH/040/29 L97) by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency

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