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Pilot Series IBS
The Cost Effective Bridge Integration Solution


We have built on our marine leadership experience to develop the Pilot Series IBS that offers a cost effective solution to your basic navigation requirements. Our Pilot Series IBS incorporates basic “turn key” system modules that contain pre-configured easily scalable designs to best match both your technical and budgetary needs.

The core of the Pilot Series IBS is our portfolio of reliable Sperry Marine equipment that meets or exceeds international standards and regulations. Installation is made easy by our complete System Documentation Library ( e.g., drawings, installation booklets, manuals, etc.) offered in hardcopy or a CD format. Our dedicated IBS Coordination Center provides an array of available project support services to ensure a trouble free implementation “on time” to your satisfaction. Pilot Series IBS is your affordable solution to navigation safety, functionality and performance.

Highlights & Benefits

Key Highlights

  • Affordable bridge integration for safe and efficient navigation
  • Pre-configured design modules with scalable options
  • Complete portfolio of reliable and performance based Sperry Marine navigation products
  • Extensive System Documentation Library for technical and installation information
  • Responsive project support services with timely implementation


  • Proven design with low acquisition and life cycle costs
  • Easily adaptable to most basic applications
  • Minimum customization for system documentation
  • Trouble free system implementation
  • Global Sperry Marine Support Services Network

Basic Pilot Series Configuration

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