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ES 5000
Marine Echo Sounder

Provides accurate depth readings in shallow or deep waters

Flexibility in Installation and Operation

  • Can be installed in a fixed or movable position and mounted on a wall or into a cabinet
  • Four operating ranges from 10 to 2000 meters are available
  • Can be operated with one or two transducers for common operating frequencies. In retrofit, the ES 5000 is compatible with transducers from other manufacturers.

High Resolution Liquid Crystal Display

  • Provides continuous display of depth and range
  • Shows all relevant navigation data
  • Displays servicing and initial setting menus while maintaining the display of current operation

Output Capabilities

  • The unit stores the last 24 hours of data together with position information. Printouts can be made on an optional printer via a parallel printer port.
  • The ES 5000 has a serial interface in NMEA format for output of depth values and input of time, date and position.

Special Features

  • Recording of time and date internally generated; data output (depth values, etc.), time, date; position if externally available
  • Available inboard & ice protected transducers
  • Optional remote digital display

Display Features

  • Graphic liquid crystal display
  • Dimmer and integrated backlight
  • Resolution of 640 x 480 pixels
  • Viewing area of 182 x 143 pixels
  • Manual TVG gain control
  • Optional remote digital display

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