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Jupiter Magnetic Compass
Absolute Accuracy - Consistent Quality


The Jupiter is a Flat Glass magnetic compass well suited for large and small vessels. A Class A unit, it can function as a bearing compass, steering compass, reflector and overhead compass. With a card diameter of 180mm, it meets ISO 449 standards and is type approved (DHI/040/01 MA/79) by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH). Also type approved in accordance with the EC Council Directive 96/98/EC.

The Jupiter Compass may be installed in all NAVIPOL binnacles, and its accuracy is better than 0.5 degrees. Also available with a fluxgate and in an approved overhead mounting.

The Fluxgate with Integrated Sine / Cosine Interface.

The Fluxgate is a new in-house development which combines modern electronic technology with SMD manufacturing techniques to produce a very compact unit, which also incorporates a fully integrated sine/cosine interface.

In contrast to many other gyrocompass manufacturers, C.PLATH makes its own magnetic compasses and binnacles, and has been doing so for over 150 years.

The wide range of components offered by the comprehensive C.PLATH Magnetic Compass program includes aluminum alloy binnacles, the Jupiter magnetic flat glass compass, a fluxgate pickoff with an integrated sine/cosine interface, bypass arrangements, azimuth devices, electronic compasses and magnetic compass autopilots.

The NAVIPOL Magnetic Compass Binnacles

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