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SRD 331 Doppler Speed Log
Single Axis Water Speed


Sperry Marine’s SRD-331 Doppler Speed Log provides the highly accurate speed and distance measurements necessary for ARPA systems and other critical navigation functions.

The SRD-331 complies with IMO Resolution A.478(XII) and A.824(19) and is type approved by BSH (Germany), DOT (UK), RNR (Romania), PRS (Poland), DSI (Denmark), USSR Register, ZC (People’s Republic of China) and RINA (Italy).



  • Console or bulkhead mount
  • Displays speed or distance
  • Sharp, 25mm high digits
  • Fully dimmable
  • Backlit operator panel
  • Built-in test mode
  • Housing Dimensions: w-288mm x h-192mm x d-216mm

Electronics Unit

  • Bulkhead mount
  • Incorporates recursive digital filtering with an adaptive time constant to provide a smooth no-jitter display under all normal conditions.
  • Housing Dimensions: w-378mm x h-292mm x d-216mm


  • Compact 75mm diameter transducer
  • Non-corrosive, leak-proof, spun fiberglass housing
  • Gate valve and Cofferdam Tank mount styles

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