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EM 200
Electromagnetic Speed Log


The EM 200 is a general purpose, multifunction microprocessor controlled electromagnetic speed log system. Created with the aid of the most modern design technology to provide exceptionally high speed indication accuracy combined with low operational demands, the EM 200 is not only suitable for application on all types of vessels ranging from small yachts and fishing craft to the largest cruise liners, supertankers and container giants, but is equally suited for operation on the new generations of high-speed vessels including catamarans, Surface Effect Ships (SES) and Small Waterplane Area Twin Hull Ships (SWATHS).

The modular Control and Display Unit, distinguished by its tailormade and clearly laid out transflective liquid crystal display, is extremely user-friendly. An integrated stopwatch function and automatic computation of correction values make the calibration procedure very quick and very simple.

Program facilities for storing salinity values and water temperature enhance the high accuracy of this speed log. A wide range of sensors for all conceivable applications round off this very versatile speed log system. Further technical information regarding sensors is available on request.

The EM 200 is type approved by the German Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH).


  • Clearly arranged transflective Liquid Crystal Display (LCD.)
  • Logically arranged, sealed foil keyboard.
  • User-friendly operation.
  • Very simple calibration procedure and automatic computation of speed calibration values. Tables are no longer required.
  • Operational data remains stored in the event of a power failure.
  • Ergonomically designed black front panel.
  • Highly accurate indication of speed through water, even at low speeds.
  • Electromagnetic measuring principle provides a high degree of sensitivity and linearity.
  • Microprocessor technology provides exceptional reliability.
  • Built-in test equipment (BITE).
  • No moving parts in sensor, thus no maintenance required.
  • Sensors can be replaced without drydocking.
  • Each system can be operated with two sensors.
  • One system will drive a maximum of 20 (twenty) Remote Control and Display Units.
  • All Control and Display Units are available in customized console frames, bracket mountings and watertight console frames.
  • Front panel dimensions to DIN standard.
  • Two resettable daily mile counters and one total mile counter.
  • One individual programmable time constant (0 sec. to 199 sec.) each for the speed display and for the speed output to repeaters.
  • Computes mean average speed from two sensors.
  • Remote control of sensor raising and lowering unit.
  • Integrated stopwatch function.
  • Setup procedure protected by coded input.
  • Status output.
  • Accuracy enhanced by program facility for storage of water temperature and salinity values.
  • Complies with IMO Resolution A.478(XII) and meets IMO Requirements for ARPA.
  • The accuracy of measurement fulfills IMO Resolution A.824(19).
  • Digital speed outputs through RS 422 and NMEA 0183.
  • Digital mileage output in format 100/200/20,000 pulses/nm and through RS 422 and NMEA 0183.
  • Analogue speed output programmable for voltage or current.
  • NMEA 0183 input for water depth alarm.
  • Seven sensor systems with the same basic Control and Display Unit:
    • EM 200 N blade type
    • EM 200 PN blade type with pneumatic raise/lower unit - not shown
    • EM 200 NF flush-fitted with sea valve
    • EM 200 FNF I / II flush-fitted
    • EM 200 FNF I / II Yacht flush-fitted for yachts
    • EM 200 FNF I / II High-Speed flush-fitted
    • EM 200 FNF III for external installation
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