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VoyageMaster VDR
Capturing Highly Accurate Historical Navigational Data

Voyage Data Recorder as per IMO A.861.20 & EC Directive 1999/35/EC

Historical navigational data is an absolute necessity in the investigation of maritime incidents. The implementation of a secure “black box” and comprehensive Voyage Data Recorder is now a carriage requirement on passenger and Ro-Ro vessels engaged in passages within the EU and internationally.

Well in advance of this requirement, Sperry Marine has emerged as one of the most experienced providers of data recording solutions. The VoyageMaster Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) is the result of several years of development and implementation of many shipboard data recorders currently sailing on cruise ships, tankers and cargo vessels worldwide. The VoyageMaster VDR utilizes signal conditioning modules for collecting analog, serial and digital data types, to avoid the many headaches associated with interfacing.

Furthermore, the system is comprised of industry standard components that may be easily serviced or repaired anywhere in the world. The system’s rugged, industrial hardware combined with fully automated software will ensure you years of uninterrupted and reliable service.


  • IMO configuration records all data points as per IMO Resolution A.861.20 & EC Directive 1999/35/EC
  • Fully IEC compliant data capsule passes fire and immersion tests
  • Sensor Interface Module accepts analog, digital & serial signals
  • Voice & VHF recording
  • Radar Video recording
  • Useful for performance monitoring

Radar Video Capture
Radar video is captured and compressed every 15 seconds to ensure IEC performance and compliance.

Flexible I/O Subsystem Integrates a Multitude of Data Types

Clearly, one of the greatest difficulties in successful VDR installations is a reliable and rugged means of collecting a wide variety of data types. The VoyageMaster VDR has a unique sensor interface unit, which provides signal conditioning for all analog, digital and serial inputs. The system is modular allowing any mix of input types. All data is converted and transmitted to the Data Acquisition Unit via an ethernet LAN.

Rugged Industrial Design
The VoyageMaster VDR incorporates rugged industrial design which exceeds IEC 945 requirements for marine going equipment.

Advanced Audio Compression
Audio signals are collected via our customized audio module, which collects analog signals from each microphone preamplifier. The data is digitized and compressed using the latest techniques to provide maximum data storage (meets Lloyd’s 24 hour voice storage requirements).

Integral UPS
UPS backup is provided for all Data Acquisition Unit components and the data capsule providing two hours continuous recording following a blackout as per IEC requirements.

Hardened Fixed Data Capsule
Based on proven design from the aviation industry, Sperry Marine provides IEC 61996 compliant, hardened data capsules. Data capsules are fitted with ethernet connections that provide fast download as well as fast upload to satellite links.

Office Playback
VoyageMaster VDR is available with an optional office playback feature. Historical and incident data can be analyzed with privacy and convenience in your own office. In addition to post incident investigations, the Office Playback feature makes the VoyageMaster VDR an excellent tool for:

  • Improving training procedures
  • Assessing hull, engine and propeller conditions for performance trend analysis
  • Collecting data for new and future designs

Remote Data Recovery via Satellite and InfoBridge
When fitted with the optional iFleet interface, the VoyageMaster VDR can transfer a compressed twelve-hour database to your desktop in minutes via satellite. In times of crisis when your crew is relying most heavily on your shore-side support, you have immediate access to your ship’s complete 12-hour history. Access to everything recorded by VoyageMaster VDR, including hull stress, bilge levels, tankage, engine status, water-tight doors, navigational data and more, can be on your desk, and subject to your analysis in minutes.

Integration and Retrofit Friendly
The open software architecture and flexible hardware design of the VoyageMaster VDR allow it to be installed on any existing vessel.

Annual System Certification
The IMO requires that all VDRs undergo an annual system certification. The VoyageMaster VDR, like all Sperry Marine products, is supported by our worldwide service network of over 400 service stations. These locations are staffed by experienced and trained product technicians ready to perform this annual certification.

Sperry Marine supports the VoyageMaster VDR and all of its products with certified maintenance, support and operator training classes. Operators may attend training in Copenhagen, New Malden or Charlottesville, or alternatively, on-board training may be arranged.

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