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A modern line of integrated bridge systems, gyrofin stabilizers, gyrocompasses, speed logs, communication systems and marine management systems.
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Featuring a complete line of advanced type-approved radar systems, navigation sensors and engine room monitoring systems, as well as products aimed specifically at the worldwide coastal and fishing markets.

An entire series of gyrocompasses, fiber-optic gyrocompasses, autopilots, adaptive autopilots, compass monitor systems, universal digital repeaters, electric main steering systems, speed logs and marine accessories.

The following is a partial listing of the available marine electronic products.
Most sections contain an introduction and brief description, with more being added daily.
Please contact Austin Navigation for up-to-date detailed information, product availability and pricing.

Autopilot & Steering Control Systems
ADG 4000 Self-Tuning Adaptive Autopilot
LMP HSC High-Speed Craft Adaptive Autopilot
AP 1500 Multipurpose Autopilot
Navipilot V Versatile Multipurpose Autopilot
NAVIPILOT AD II Self-tuning Adaptive Autopilot
NAVIPILOT 4000 Self-Tuning Adaptive Autopilot

SR 2100 Fiber-Optic Gyro & Attitude Reference
SR 180 MK 1 Microprocessor Digital Gyro
MK 37 VT Digital Gyrocompass
DTR 600 Digital Tape Repeater
NAVIGAT X MK 1 Gyrocompass System
NAVIDATA Multifunction Digital Display
NAVITWIN III Compass Monitor
NAVIPOL I Compass Binnacle

Voyage Data Recorders
VoyageMaster VDR

Gyrocompass Accessories
Digital Bearing Repeater DBR 600
Mounting Accessories for the DBR 600
Azimuth Circles
Digital Tape Repeater DTR 600
Steering Repeaters
Course and Rudder Angle Recorder
Navidata Multifunction Digital Display
Universal Digital Repeater

High-Speed Craft Products
Integrated Bridge System (IBS)
BridgeMaster E Radar Series
LMP HSC Autopilot
SR 2100 Digital Gyrocompass
EM 200 Log
SRD 500 Dual Axis Doppler Log
GPS and Differential GPS Receivers
Vistar IM172
Vistar IM223
GMDSS, MF, HF and VHF, Satcom B, C, Mini-M Communications

Navigation Sensors
ES 5000 Marine Echo Sounder
NAVITURN II Fiber-Optic Rate of Turn Indicator
Jupiter Magnetic Compass with Flux-Gate

Night Vision Systems
Vistar IM172
Vistar IM223 Night Vision & Collision Avoidance
LMS Vistar 2100 Advanced Infared Imaging

BridgeMaster E Radar 180, 250 and 340 Series
EPA(L) Radar 180 & 250 Series

Speed/Velocity Logs
SRD 500 Dual Axis Doppler Speed Log
SRD 331 Single Axis Doppler Speed Log
EM 200 Electromagnetic Speed Log
NAVIKNOT III Electromagnetic Speed log

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