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Digital DataPort  



Austin Digital DataPort
(Provides Bi-directional Control, Status and Data Transfer across RF Base Insulators)

   The Austin Digital DataPort is the key to inexpensive and effective continuous monitoring of electronic equipment, without the restrictions imposed by RF isolation.

   Utilizing a combination of state-of-the-art electronics, fibre-optics, and isolation materials, we have developed a reliable and inexpensive method of communicating digital, analog or dry contact data across RF base insulators. The Digital DataPort system can be used for the monitoring of:

  • Obstruction lighting and alarm systems
  • Hazard beacons and other warning devices
  • Structural stress and strain sensors
  • Wind speed and ice accumulation
  • Almost any data monitoring your site may employ.

Model A-3003DP: Designed as a stand-alone
unit for existing radio tower installations.
RF Withstand Voltage 50 kV

The Digital DataPort can be ordered as an option on all new Austin Base Insulators. Customized electronic modules may be ordered to suit almost any type of digital data or information format.

Please consult with us for more information on how the Digital DataPort can work for you.






The Digital DataPort joins the rest of the Austin product line, including Base and
Guy Strain Insulators, Isolation Transformers, and Spark Gap Assemblies. Austin
provides the total solution for your RF insulation needs.


  • Digital modules interface with all standard TTL and RS232 data formats
  • Digital Data Speeds up to 120 kbps
  • Analog Data Speeds up to 56 kbps equivalent
  • Dry Contact Data transmission available in 3, 8, or 16 channel models.
  • Flexible dual power system operates on 7-28 Volts AC/DC or 120-240 Volts AC 50/60 Hz
  • Simple to use terminal strip connections.
  • 'Plug and Go' Design. No field adjustments necessary.
  • Fully RF shielded and weatherproof


  1. Corona rings are aluminum. Stainless steel corona rings are available upon request. Please contact us for information.
  2. Voltage ratings were determined under test lab conditions at 100kHz. Performance in the field can be severely degraded by local environmental conditions. Please consult with us prior to selection.

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