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Austin Insulators, Inc. and Longview Inspection have entered into a strategic alliance joining the most innovating manufacturer of insulators and transformers used in MF and VLF antennae systems with the largest full service field nondestructive testing (NDT) organization in the Americas. The combined team offers resources to meet both your nondestructive testing and maintenance needs. Both companies bring their unique technology and depth of experience to the alliance and can now offer even more value to their customers.

GUY WIRES, INSULATORS and antenna support attachments are in constant motion and under constant loads. These components are exposed to the elements, sometimes, hostile. Prudent and frequent examination, maintenance and repairs are a must in order to protect your investment and to prevent costly downtime and accidents.

ELECTROMAGNETIC INSTRUMENTATION is used during the guy wire inspections. This instrumentation measures the loss of metallic area and localized faults during the test. The loss of metallic area, or LMA can be caused by internal or external corrosion, wear, damage, etc. Local faults, or LF can be due to internal or external faults such as broken wires, pockets of corrosion, etc. Test results are stored in a computer. Strip charts of data are then generated and interpreted by the inspector. Any defects or loss of metallic area is noted. A field test report, explaining the general condition of each guy rope is left with the client prior to the inspection crew leaving the job site. Formal computerized reports will be sent to the client in approximately two weeks after the inspection is complete.

NONDESTRUCTIVE EXAMINATION METHODS such as ultrasonic, magnetic particle, liquid Penetrant and
radiography can also be utilized to detect defects in fittings, clamps, attachments, foundations and ground anchor structures to name a few.

PROPER MAINTENANCE will help to extend the life of the guy wire and its components. The internal portion of a guy is subject to corrosion and a the application of a good penetrating lubricant will protect the inside and outside of the strand especially in the areas under fittings and, at the same time, allow the rope to "breathe" so that water, in the form of condensation can easily find its way out of the structure.

PROPER TENSIONING of guy wires is necessary in order to insure adequate support of the antenna structure. Longview uses hydraulic equipment to check the tension of the ropes. When tensioning the guy wire, the current condition and strength is taken into consideration and the proper adjustments are made.

ALL STRUCTURAL SYSTEMS wear out eventually, gradually losing work capability throughout their useful lives making periodic inspections and maintenance necessary. Defects detected during an inspection can help pinpoint the factors leading to and eventual guy wire and/or component failure. Many system components have to be replaced due to damage caused by other, outside sources. These inspections can help the client to diagnose and correct these damaging conditions before an unfortunate incident occurs. The life of your investment can be extended once these outside sources are identified and corrected.


ALL LONGVIEW INSPECTORS are certified in accordance with ASNT and ASTM guidelines. The NDT instrumentation used during the testing procedures meets appropriate ASTM standards and is calibrated to NIST Standards.

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