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Specification Details

When reading insulator specifications, in connection with their use on radio towers or masts, it is important that the same interpretation of the various terms being used is understood by all concerned.

The following are the meaning of terms used in Austin literature. If you apply any other interpretation, please provide full details when requesting a proposal or quotation.

Why do we need insulators?






Maximum Working Download (Self Supporting Towers or Guyed Masts)

This is the vertical (downward) thrust in line with the longitudinal axis of the insulator under the worst condition of wind and/or ice load anticipated. It is not the still air, no ice, load which results solely from the weight of the tower or mast and guys plus initial guy tension.

Maximum Working Uplift (Applicable to Self-supporting Towers only)

Normally a tower leg insulator is subjected only to a download. If wind forces are acting on the tower the load distribution on the legs becomes uneven, shear forces are introduced and under extreme conditions there may be a greatly increased download on one or more legs and a negative load (uplift) on the others. Maximum Working Uplift is the maximum uplift, in line with the longitudinal axis of the insulator, expected to be experienced by any insulator under the worst condition of wind and ice load.

Maximum Working Shear Load (Towers and Guyed Masts)

This is the maximum force likely to be applied to the insulator, normal to the longitudinal axis of the insulator, under the worst condition of wind (and ice) load.

Safety Factor (Ultimate Strength)

Safety factor is related to maximum working load or else an ultimate strength should be specified. If a load exceeding the ultimate strength or maximum working load times safety factor is applied, mechanical failure may occur.



The Drip Wet Withstand, Flashover, and other electrical voltage ratings given throughout this website are for guidance only. If any of the operating conditions listed below apply, these ratings may have to be reduced.

  1. salt contamination
  2. dust contamination
  3. fog or high humidity conditions
  4. heavy industrial contamination
  5. insect infestation
  6. severe restrictions on corona
  7. operating elevation

Please consult with Austin if in doubt.


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