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Static Drain  

Static Drain Resistor 
Static Drain Choke 


Static Drain Choke

SP-010 Hanger Type Shown

Austin Insulators static drain chokes are designed to eliminate flash-overs on low voltage egg type break up insulators due to a build up of static charge.

Large static potentials are developed across break up insulators during conditions of blowing snow, blowing dust, high dry winds and lightning discharges close to the antenna system. In the absence of static drain devices across the breakup insulators, the combination of peak RF voltage and the static charge can exceed the insulator breakdown voltage. Although highly dependent on antenna configuration and the local RF field, a power arc condition initiated by the static charge can be sustained by the transmitter. Such a condition rapidly heats the supporting guy wire loops causing failure of the guy wire and/or the insulator.

Although static drain devices offer a solution to potential power arc problems a better solution yet is the use of an oil filled safety core insulator instead of an egg insulator. This will eliminate the need for a static drain device due to the high standoff voltage values of these insulators. Oil filled safety core insulators can be a cost effective solution in place of static drain devices for low tensile guy loads up to 10,000 lbs.

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Impedance @ 1 MHz: 19,000 ohms
Weight: 3.5 lb. (1.6 kg)


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