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Static Drain  

Static Drain Resistor 
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Static Drain Resistor

SP-003C Static Drain Resistor


Austin Insulators Static Drain Resistors have been specifically designed to eliminate arc-overs on guy breakup insulators in circumstances where large static potentials are developed during blowing snow, blowing dust, and similar environmental conditions. Voltage breakdown of an insulator may result when the peak voltage, static charge plus RF, exceeds the insulator breakdown strength.

It is desirable to use a drain resistor, which imposes negligible RF loss in absence of a static charge; but which decreases resistance rapidly when a static charge significantly raises the voltage stress across the insulator.

For example, if the breakup insulator is expected to have a peak RF operating voltage of 4 kV, the resistance offered to this peak voltage would then be in the order of 1.8 Mohms. The rapidly falling resistance versus voltage characteristic will ensure that no excessive static charge can build up across the insulator. It is assumed that the breakup insulator has a maximum voltage capability only a few kV above the peak RF operating voltage.

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