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General Detail 


Austin Isolation/Lighting Transformer
A-9600 Series

The A-9600 is an Isolation Transformer of the Austin ring type, designed to provide power for lighting on high power VLF transmitting masts. The very high VLF potentials involved produced a design consisting of three stages of oil-filled transformers. In order to economise on the supply of adequate spares, the three stages are designed as identical/interchangeable modules.

Photo of original model A-9600/395 transformer.

The A-9600 Oil-Filled Transformer is available in three basic configurations: Single, Double, or Triple Tier. Selection is based on the anticipated working RF voltage and the local environmental conditions.

Standard power rating for this series of transformers is 10.5 kVA. Other power ratings available upon request. Some models are equipped with electronic regulation systems. Various electrical grading configurations are also available.

  General Detail    
Model Power Rating Max RF Operating Voltage [rms] Height Base Mounting Weight


10.5 kVA 125 kV 55 1/4"
(1,403 mm)
self supporting 1,350 lb.
(612 kg)
A-9600B 10.5 kVA

175 kV

(4,191 mm)
4 holes - 1 1/4" [32 mm] dia on
a 22" [559 mm] x 22" [559 mm]
square base plate
4,400 lb.
(1,996 kg)
A-9600C 10.5 kVA 250 kV 207"
(5,258 mm)
4 holes - 1 1/4" [32 mm] dia on
a 22" [559 mm] x 22" [559 mm]
square base plate
6,500 lb.
(2,948 kg)




Specifications of the A-9600/395 Transformer:

  • Output - 10.5 kVA maximum at 120/240 VAC, single phase, three wire
  • Input - Capable of operation on either:
    (a) 240 V; 60 Hz single phase
    (b) 380 V; 50 Hz single phase
    (c) 480 V; 60 Hz single phase
  • Line Regulation - ±3% on secondary voltage for primary voltage variation of +10% to -8% of nominal, under steady state load conditions
  • Load Regulation - ±3% on secondary voltage at fixed primary voltage for load variations of ±20% about a 50% nominal load. All load percentages refer to the maximum rated load.
  • Environmental -
    (a) Ambient Temperature: -50°C to +50°C
    (b) Humidity: 0% to 95%
    (c) Rain: Light mist to 2 inches/hour with intermittent rainfall up to 0.2 inches/minute. Direction from vertical to horizontal.
    (d) Snow: Up to 2 inches/hour and a depth of 4 feet
    (e) Wind: Up to 140 miles per hour
    (f) Atmospheric Pressure: Any naturally encountered pressure at altitudes between zero and 1000 feet above sea level.
  • VLF Performance -
    (a) Wet Flashover: Not less than 360 kV rms
    (b) Dry Flashover: Not less than 475 kV rms
    (c) Wet Withstand: 1 hour at 300 kV rms without flashover and no more that 12 flashovers in any 24 hour period at 250 kV rms with superposed spurious voltages of up to 7 kV peak.
    (d) Dry Corona Extinction/Inception: Not less than 285 kV rms
    (e) Wet Corona Extinction/Inception: Net less than 250 kV rms
    (f) Dry Temperature Rise: Temperature rise due to continuous operation of 300 kV rms VLF not more than 30°C.
    (g) Wet Temperature Rise: Temperature rise under wet conditions due to continous operation at 250 kV rms not more than 30°C.
    (h) VLF Voltage Grading: The VLF voltage across any of the three modules lies between 0.30 and 0.37 of the supplied VLF voltage.

Custom versions of A-9600 transformer are available upon request. Please consult plant for further details.


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