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E-Cap Series  




Austin Isolation/Lighting Transformer
E-Cap Series





The E-Cap Isolation Transformer is a compact and economical solution to providing power to obstruction lighting on small towers. This versatile unit can operate with a wide range of voltages, and provides surge protection and RF noise filtering for on-tower equipment.

Body Dimensions: 8.25” (21cm) x 8.25” (21cm) x 13” (33cm) high
Overall Dimensions: 11.31” (29cm) x 12” (30.5cm) x 14.5” (37cm) high
Input and Output Voltage Ranges: 115 volts - ranging from 108 to 130 volts
230 volts - ranging from 216 to 236 volts
Load Capacity: 1.6 amps 177 VA continuous load at 115 volts input
0.81 amps 178 VA continuous load at 230 volts input
RF Dry Flashover: 15KV RMS Total Average Shunt Capacitance: 18.5pf
Equipped with preset Spark Gaps of stainless steel.
Electrical Fittings: Stainless Steel 0.5” NPT threads. Install Kit* includes; water resistant junction boxes,
flexible watertight conduit with box connectors, and wire terminals.
Available in Imperial or Metric standards as per customer request.
Physical Mounting: Single-point post mount accepts unthreaded 1” pipe (3.4cm O.D.) Has set-screw lock.
Total Weight: 78 lbs (35.5 kgs)

* Customized Install Kits are sold separately.



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