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Stabilized Marine Satellite TV Antenna
  • Accurate satellite pointing under all conditions.
  • Provides excellent signal reception, even at the edge of the satellite footprint.
  • Sizes and models available for any situation.
  • Light weight, durable, highly accurate and efficient


The DMC140 being installed.
Quick, easy and economical
SatTV-100CS Features:
  • Highly accurate tracking. Stays locked on to the satellite even in rough weather.
  • Silent operation. No noise to limit installation location.
  • Requires no further attention once locked on to the satellite.
  • Independent of all other vessel systems, such as compass, gyro or receivers.
  • Optional hook-up to GPS and GYRO for fully automated satellite FIND.
  • Reacts automatically to changeover in satellite selection.
  • Automatic signal re-acquisition after satellite view blockage with GPS/HDG option.
  • Manual Find option defaults back to convenient users preferences.
  • Window Find discriminates between signals and only selects the desired satellite.
  • Unlimited rotation in azimuth. No cables to coil up, so no loss of signal due to cable unwrapping.
  • Extensive built-in test and diagnostic facilities.
  • Easy installation.
  • No routine maintenance required. Diagnostics software allows test & calibration of motors and sensors from a hand controller.
  • Light weight, yet durable.
  • Low attenuation dome for maximum possible signal strength.
  • Highly accurate and efficient dish; superior to larger dishes.
  • Standard dome is suitable for short stub mast mounting.
  • Access hatch in the base for easy installation and maintenance.


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