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FH 200 Halogen Floodlight

The Norselight Halogen Floodlight FH 200 meets the highest criteria for corrosion resistance and reliability. All components are carefully chosen to provide long life with a minimum of maintenance.
The FH 200 is available for direct hands-on operation, or interior remote control, and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.
Features & Specs
  • Front Ring, Coupling and Brackets made of stainless steel and simplify lamp change
  • Gaskets of heat resistant Silicon Rubber
  • Hardened Front Glass
  • Reflector in oxidized and polished aluminum for wide optical beam
  • Corrosion Resistant with white polyester coating
2 X 100 Watts, Wide operating temperature range.

DSB-1 Sealed Beam Floodlight

Norselight introduces the DSB-1 Floodlight, watertight and corrosion proof quality lighting. Both durable and reliable, the DSB-1 is on the way to becoming an industry standard.
The DSB-1 is supplied with brackets for vertical or horizontal aiming of the light.
Features & Specs
  • Mountable in any position
  • Unaffected by dust or moisture.
  • Higher luminous output than standard lamps
  • Lamp life 2000 hours
12 volts, 50 Watts, Operates anywhere.

BL 35 MX Floodlight

The new Micro Xenon lighting from Norselight. A watertight and corrosion proof enclosure surrounds powerful xenon bulbs for superior illumination in all conditions.
The BL 35 MX is supplied with a very flexible bracket system for ease of installation and aiming.
Features & Specs
  • Heat resistant hardened front glass
  • Gaskets of heat resistant Silicon Rubber
  • Stainless steel fasteners
  • Lamp life 3000 hours
2 X 12 volt 35 Watt lamps, up to 725 metre range.
20 degree wide beam or 4 degree narrow beam

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